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Christian Cowan Spring 2022 Ready-to-Wear

Christian Cowan doesn’t need an excuse to go big. British designer Cowan already has many celebrity admirers, such as Sawetie, a musician, and Aquaria, a drag star who sat in the front row. He’s also never not gone all out for party wear. Cowan was a bit sarcastic about people thinking that New York’s nightlife is over after -2020.. He said, “I wanted it to have a lot of different women going to the same party.” Also, he added that he encouraged models to show their true colors while walking down the catwalk, ’90s fashion.

And they did. While walking down the runway, Teddy Quinlivan, dressed in a matching mini-skirt with a black and lavender checked jacket, took a seat in the front row. Some tossed their hair and danced, while others twirled or took off their shoes, much like a partygoer returning home at 3 AM. You can name a rich texture, or trope that was represented in this collection. You could find chain metal dresses, pink marabou feather and balaclavas as well as bedazzled scarves tops. There was also sheer, glittery maxi dresses with low necklines. A silver minidress with an attached hood and deep neckline was the standout. It is reminiscent of Grace Jones.

Would it be possible to streamline? Yes, it could have been streamlined. But going to Christian Cowan’s show expecting restraint would be like going to church to get tequila shots. The final gown, worn by Winnie Hartlow, was a perfect example of this. It was a white midi dress with a low, off-the shoulder, loose fit. The bodice had a narrow waist and oversized rhinestones. There were also slits up the legs. Most fancifully, there were feathers that cascaded down the shoulders, much like streamers. She was simultaneously an angel, bride and agent of chaos. It sounds like you are having a great time.

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