Home Fitness Despite being bigger player in MVA, why did Shiv Sena’s flock scatter?

Despite being bigger player in MVA, why did Shiv Sena’s flock scatter?

Despite being bigger player in MVA, why did Shiv Sena’s flock scatter?

The political crisis in Maharashtra continues to worsen and it looks like the Maha Vikas Aghadi’s (MVA), future is bleak. We will examine why the Shiv Sena, although it is the largest of the three coalition parties, could not maintain its flock together.


According to the sources, the Shiv Sena leaders were weary of the expansionist moves of their alliance partner Nationalist Congress Party (NCP).

NCP officials were always on the move throughout the state. NCP leaders were constantly on the move throughout the state, after a brief jolt from the Ajit Pawar controversy.

In what was one of the most surprising political events in Maharashtra, Governor Bhagat Singh Kshyari had swear Devendra Fadnavis and Ajit Pawar into office as Chief Ministers.

The government collapsed after only 80hours. On November 2019, Shiv Sena President Uddhav Thackay was elected chief minister. This three-day regime is the most efficient in Maharashtra history. Sharad Pawar, founder of NCP and President of the NCP was the one who saved the situation and brought the MVA to power.

Devendra Fadnavis claimed that Sharad pawar knew of the situation but he backed down at the last minute.


Being in power, the NCP saw a golden opportunity to mobilize it’s cadre. Sources claimed that the NCP’s first and second-rung leaders were always holding functions and meetings at the grassroot level.

Traditionally being arch rivals, it created tensions between the Shiv Sainiks and the NCP’s grassroot workers. The cadre failed to gel well despite the goodwill at the top and ideologic differences prevailed. According to sources, repeated clashes took place in Western Maharashtra.


According to the sources, Shiv Sena MLAs felt sidelined especially in pockets where Shiv Sena had won considerable MLAs but the guardian minister was from NCP. They felt their demands for help in their constituents were repeatedly being ignored.

There was also constant fear that the NCP would overthrow the Shiv Sena.


The plum ministries in the Maharashtra Cabinet were with the NCP. They include portfolios like Finance, Irrigation and Water works.

Even though NCP was in power with Shiv Sena, the problem of restricted funds was largely due to MLAs from the Shiv Sena. According to some reports, the funds required for work in constituencies had been stopped. Eknath Shindu was responsible for bailing out MLAs by allocating funds and announcing plans so they could carry on their constituent’s work. Shinde was second in command of the Shiv Sena.

What caused Maharashtra’s political crisis?

Meanwhile, the current political crisis was triggered by minister Eknath Shinde, who, along with several MLAs, went incommunicado after the MLC poll results. Shinde led a group of rebel MLAs who reached a Surat hotel late Monday night. This was hours after polls that saw the BJP winning a fifth seat despite having insufficient numbers in the Assembly. According to reports, some Congress and Shiv Sena MLAs voted for BJP candidates.

The Sena’s-led coalition, Maha Vikas Aghadi, also including the Congress and NCP, has been presenting a courageous front, claiming that the rebels would return.

The Maharashtra Assembly’s total strength is 287 while the majority of its members, in case of trust votes, are 144. NCP and Shiv Sena form the ruling coalition. Congress holds 169 seat. Shinde’s MLAs will have to step down, which could lead to the collapse of Uddhav Thackeray’s government.

Since the “rebellion”, Shinde was removed as the legislative party leader. Shiv Sena claims that the BJP has been behind the attempts to overthrow the government of the state.


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