Home Global Harry, Meghan shocked by William reaction to ‘nonsense’ Megxit

Harry, Meghan shocked by William reaction to ‘nonsense’ Megxit

Harry, Meghan shocked by William reaction to ‘nonsense’ Megxit

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle were expecting different things from Queen Elizabeth II, according to author.

Tina Brown in her new book shares insider-perspective about Harry and Meghan

“They thought it would force the Royal Family to respond by saying… ‘OK, Harry and Meghan, what do you want? “We’re going give you whatever you want.”

Royal author Robert Jobson earlier said that William felt “let down” and “wasn’t sure if he could ever fully trust his brother again”.

He added in a lengthy column for Daily Mail: “In the Sussexes’ televised interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan claimed that Harry, in a conversation with a member of the Royal Family while Meghan was pregnant, had been asked how dark his son’s skin might be. His wife being bi-racial meant that he implied that this comment was racist.

He added: “A senior figure said: ‘He was furious. He thought it was not only bad manners, but frankly bloody rude to make those claims on his behalf, with no authority, and made worse because it was total nonsense.’

“The Oprah interview had, in short, destroyed any remaining trust in his younger brother. Friends said that William had “totally lost” the plot. Jobson agreed.


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