Home Global Is the Florida GOP a DeSantis cult-of-personality?

Is the Florida GOP a DeSantis cult-of-personality?

Is the Florida GOP a DeSantis cult-of-personality?
  • Is Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s political future doomed?

    05: 31

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    Is the Florida GOP a DeSantis cult-of-personality?

    07: 50


    Republicans escalate vicious attacks on LGBTQ students and teachers

    06: 21

  • Election Admin. Expert: “Election officials are the guardians of our democracy.”

    07: 11

  • Republic Senator blocks conversations about race, but praises Jackie Robinson

    02: 11

  • Aide to jailed Russian opposition leader discusses danger facing Putin’s rivals

    08: 18

  • Ukrainian journalist: What’s happening to Ukraine has happened “so many times before.”

    06: 36

  • President Biden set to announce 5 new federal judicial nominees

    01: 10

  • Jared Kushner secures $2B payday from Saudi Arabia, months after leaving White House

    06: 32

  • The ugly truths the NYC subway shooting revealed about the NYPD

    02: 54

  • Women Prepare for a Post-Roe America

    06: 43

  • Arizona still caught in Trump’s “Big Lie” despite no evidence of widespread fraud

    01: 51

  • Rep. Cicilline on Jan. 6 investigation: “No one in this country is above the law.”

    09: 19

  • Ukrainian reporter in Kyiv: “people can peacefully sleep at night not fearing that their house will be bombed”

    07: 05

  • Biden Administration Extends Student Loan Pause

    01: 42

  • Conservatives have a new favorite tactic: smearing any and all dissenters as pedophiles and groomers

    08: 17

  • French Amb. to the U.S. on sanctions: “We will be ready to go further.”

    08: 47

  • Republicans’ decades-long addiction to smearing SCOTUS nominees

    03: 13

  • Zelenskyy Economic Adviser on Russian sanctions: “In our view, not enough has been done.”

    08: 22

  • Zelenskyy ‘grateful’ for U.K. support, calls for Russia oil embargo

    01: 55


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