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Missoni Spring 2023 Menswear

Missoni Spring 2023 Menswear

Filippo Grazioli’s first outing for Missoni menswear revisited the label’s archival fundamentals through the streamlined lens of simplification and modernity. This is the same approach that he used for resort and his collection today in the Missoni showroom was very similar to it.

” “For starters I wanted to update graphics, fiammato and zig-zag, as well as the patchwork,” he said. They were broken into nervouser, more electric versions, which he found to be compatible with his limited palette of white, black, and less intense primary colors. He kept the silhouette decontracte, loose and relaxed, anchored by roomy pleated pants with elasticated waistbands worn under light blazers made from the Raschel fabric, a hybrid knitted material exclusively made by a machine first perfected by the late Ottavio Missoni. It was a Missoni-esque updated of the classic tailored suit and looked quite cool.

“People are moving away streetwear,” stated Grazioli. He said that even young people want something more sophisticated and interesting. He said, “My approach to Missoni does not have to be loud and pyrotechnic.” “I’m keeping it more discreet and disciplined.”


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