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Mobile Money Agents Association pledges support for E-Levy implementation

Mobile Money Agents Association pledges support for E-Levy implementation

The Mobile Money Agents Association of Ghana, (MMAAG), on Tuesday expressed its willingness to help the government implement the Electronic Transactions Levy tax.

The association stated that it considers tax payment a key tool for driving development and progress in any country. It would therefore collaborate with government officials to increase the E-levy’s uptake.

The association’s leadership made this commitment at a meeting with President Akufo–Addo in Accra. This interaction was intended to introduce the MMAAG and present the difficulties of the association with respect to the E-levy.

The Electronic Transaction Levy applies to transactions that are made electronically or via digital platforms.

General secretary of MMAAG. Evans Otumfuor informed the President that despite initial opposition to the E-Levy it was now aware that the tax is necessary to help the country recover from its recent economic collapse.
” We also know that the government will need to take extreme measures during difficult times. He stated that the e-levy was now in law. All citizens should obey it. “We are here to help,” he added.

Mr Otumfuor thanked the government for decreasing the levy to 1. 75 percent to 1.5 percent and the exemptions.

He argued that the Government had taken action to address the unintended consequences to their business line, particularly regarding the issue of deducting Mobile Money Agents’ accounts whenever funds are transferred into their banks accounts to access cash for customers.

The MMAAG General Secret expressed his willingness to partner with the government in introducing policies that will further develop mobile money to help create employment and improve the economy.

“MMAAG will partner with government in bringing more of these fresh policies, as the mobile money industry is an area where governments can invest to provide more jobs for youth.” he stressed.

President Akufo–Addo praised the association’s entrepreneurial spirit that saw the rise of mobile money and its digitalization program. He said that the small mobile money industry had become a significant part of the economy through the efforts of stakeholders such as the MMAAG. He welcomed the offer by the groups of partnerships to make sure that the Elevy is properly administered.

” I am thankful for the offer of partnership in order to ensure that this tax is administered properly. It is important that directly involved stakeholders, such as you, voice their concerns.

” I welcome this partnership offer, and the idea of an alliance to allow us to collaborate to find out how this tax is implemented.

MMAG consists of people who are involved in mobile money operations and related activities.
The association is a representation of the over 300,000 Mobile Money Agents across the


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