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Monse Resort 2022

Fashion month is only two days old, but a respect for the natural world has become New York’s dominant theme. Fernando Garcia of Monse and Laura Kim from Monse wanted to highlight the many ways that the outdoors helped us get through the pandemic. Their resort 2022 collection was the most practical and sporty yet. Topcoats were decorated with neon climbing ropes and crisp nylon cargos swelled to their ankles. Every look, including Indira Scott’s lacy final dress, was paired with rubber-soled combat shoes. In light of the current weather conditions and setting, they were even more important accessories. Pier 62”s unruly skatepark was slick with constant drizzle.

Before the show began, Garcia and Kim talked about escape, both literally and metaphorically. They had spent weekend weekends in upstate New York and the Adirondacks but the mushrooms on three scarf dresses suggested that they were going on an entirely different trip. Zoom in to see other strangeities on the silks: old-timey radios and alarm clocks.

Garcia, Kim and others have always been drawn to certain themes. Today’s invite offered the chance of creating a collection inspired by skateboarding. The atmosphere had a loose influence on the clothes, resulting in them being more functional and easy to use. Although there were no Vans, beanies or Vans on the runway, rainbow-hued Crochet skirts and Trench coats exuded subtle stoner vibes. Monse was a more sophisticated brand than this, which might have made it seem conspicuously in the gritty setting. However, Monse’s honest and unpretentious return to runway showed that they had options for all of their customers looking for fabulous hoodies or sensual evening gowns.

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