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‘Nothing untoward’ in my interactions with Zondo, says Ramaphosa

‘Nothing untoward’ in my interactions with Zondo, says Ramaphosa

) President Cyril Ramaphosa asked South Africans to trust him and Chief Justice Raymond Zondo in their statements about what happened before the publication of the last instalment instalment in the State Capture Report. I cannot believe the assertions that the chief justice or I could have had a discussion about the content of this work. “It is quite demeaning because it is far below what the chief judge would do,” stated a harsh Ramaphosa. Ramaphosa stated that Zondo was the one who had supported his work with great honesty, fairness, and integrity.

TimesLIVE reports that Zondo denies meeting Ramaphosa for the purpose of discussing the timing of the final report’s release. After discussions with Ramaphosa about the timing of Zondo’s planned release, it was revealed that Zondo delayed the plan.

This birthed accusations by the DA that Ramaphosa was unduly interfering with the inquiry’s work. Zondo later denied these claims and said he requested the delay to allow him to conduct quality control on the report before its release to the public.

Ramaphosa stated: “The chief judge had asked me to inform him about when the report would be handed over. At an earlier stage, we had discussed the possibility of having the same type of event where the report would be handed over the way it was the first time.

” When he realized that he wasn’t going to make the appointment, he felt the urge to talk to me. He said, “I do this with the due respect in regard to the handing over of the report”. I think we should take each other at their word that we dealt with one another with integrity and never once wanted to talk about the content of the work of the chief justice.

” We never discussed the evidence I gave to the commission. The chief justice had stated that there was a section that dealt with this evidence. It is not clear where it is.

“And for all I care, and the high regard I have for the chief justice, he could have made a negative finding against me, which I would accept, and it is in the basis on which we deal with each other on these matters because the chief justice has to do his work without fear, without favour, and without any form of prejudice.”

As the judge who has been chairing the commission, Ramaphosa said Zondo had been guided precisely by that. When asked about his views on the delay and perceptions that it could affect the credibility of the report’s credibility, Zondo replied: “I have been able to emphasize how important this work was quite a lot in the last four years.” I have indicated the lengths to which I have gone to try to make sure that if anything goes wrong it shouldn’t be because we did not try to make sure things were done right.”

Zondo said that had been his approach as well as that of the commission.

He said that this did not mean they weren’t in situations they preferred.

He acknowledged that there were delays.

” It would have been hard to avoid certain delays, if any. “I am happy that the court did not find any fault with the report .”

He said that it was because he treated it in a way that didn’t show its importance.

“People have the right to go to court and challenge the report and the commission will deal with those when they come.”

In hindsight, Zondo said he wouldn’t do anything differently and he had no regrets.

“I like evaluating my actions and decisions from time to time because I believe that one should always be able to recognise when one has made a mistake and be prepared to apologise.”

He said he could not think of a decision that he had taken that he regretted, however he said he would have changed the way the hearings and investigations were conducted in the beginning. When Ramaphosa was asked whether he would take action against his ministers, or him personally, he said that he doesn’t know the contents of the report. He would then start to read it the next night.

” I will carefully go through the report on my flight from Johannesburg. There, I will make notes and take markings. Once we have sorted through this document, it will become clear to us what our view is. Within four months, I’ll present to Parliament a complete implementation plan. He stated that he knew many people wanted him to act tomorrow but that he would follow the process.


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