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Paco Rabanne Resort 2023

Paco Rabanne Resort 2023

Paco Rabanne’s always about some kind of celebration spirit.” Julien Dossena opened a discussion about Zoom’s cruise collection from Paris. Dossena’s fantasy adventures seem to be somewhere in between the 1960s & 1980s. They are interwoven with modern 2020s French-girl styling.

This particular collection is clearly a reference to a 1968 comedy featuring Peter Sellers. If explanation fails us, we can see the faux backdrop and some glittery mini-midi maxi silhouettes. Dossena shared how he discovered The Party . “It’s really funny and aesthetically really interesting because it’s all set in a kind of LA film producer’s house in Hollywood in the ’60s, a crowded party with a lot of different looks and attitudes that was super interesting to work on–to get to that celebration spirit in a way that could be a little bit off in the proportions.”

Really, though, Dossena was more focused on putting forth “direct, easy, accessible” clothes. It’s a good thing, too, since Blake Edwards’ now-obscure comedy relies on Dossena’s clutzy star wearing brownface pretending to Hrundi V.bakshi, an accident-prone “Indian” actor. Although the film is not currently available, Wikipedia states that it was very popular in India during the period. Dossena felt that the ’70s party scene provided the perfect setting for his lurex knits. These included matching bras, maxi-tube skirts with short sleeves, and playful riffs of the Paco Rabanne house heritage, which includes paillettes and sequins.

Zooming into the photos, Dossena described an adorable silver sequin mini-dress with an abbreviated plum as “Edie Sedgwick’s mini-dress with an explosion in the skirt!” The slinkier silhouettes were made from stretch jersey and adorned with a brooch. The glistening, silver-to-gold, paillette gown, which is further enhanced with sparkling crystals, would please anyone looking to continue the Met Gala’s “gilded” theme through next fall.

Meanwhile, the accessories nestling amongst the clothes tell the story of how Dossena has popularized and commercialized Paco Rabanne for a new generation. These tiny “jewelry” chains, some made of linked metallic leather and others with jangly-heart-shaped paillettes have a teenage “holiday gift.”

Dossena is also a skilled tailor. A few more mature ‘Sergeant Pepper’military pantsuits’ with silver-smart piping were nodding towards that. Perhaps that is a sign of the future when Dossena has the opportunity to show his next collection on runway in Paris within a few weeks. This will be where he can experiment more freely.


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