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Quorn talks QSR expansion in ‘multiple’ European countries with meat-free KFC tie-up

Quorn talks QSR expansion in ‘multiple’ European countries with meat-free KFC tie-up

KFC plans to offer a vegetarian option to European customers, beginning in Germany, after the success of its vegan burger in the UK.

“KFC’s Culinary Team collaborated with Quorn to create these products ,” Peter Harrison from Quorn, chief commercial officer told FoodNavigator. “It is critical that we work closely with our QSR partners to ensure that products meet the high standards that their customers expect, and we’re delighted to support KFC, as well as other QSR customers, in their aspirations to expand meat free offerings.”

The KFC Vegan Chicken Burger and beyond

The Vegan Chicken Burger was launched in the UK in 2020 following a two-week trial in June 2019 that saw stock selling out in just four days. Quorn stated that the sales of vegan burgers have proven to be a popular choice with customers in both the UK and Ireland. In January 2022., the vegan option was made a regular item at all KFC restaurants.

” Our fans were delighted to witness the debut of our Vegan Burger at 2020. Original Recipe Vegan Burger was a huge success in Ireland and the UK. We have also tested Quorn-based products elsewhere in Europe and will expand into other European countries in the future ,”, noted Kate Wall (Strategy & Innovation Director, KFC).

Quron has already tested bespoke products with KFC in Germany, and the Netherlands. It was announced that the companies have begun to work together in developing new options for meat-free meals, including veggie wraps and big buckets.

” The Original Recipe Tender, also known as the Mini Fillet in certain markets, has been our main product. These products were very well-received, so Harrison explained that they are now being offered in new markets ,”.

Detailing the products that are ready to hit KFC menus in Europe, Harrison commented: “Initially, there will be the new KFC Original Recipe Tender alongside the existing KFC Vegan Burger in the UK.”

Expanding in QSR a boost for plant-based sales

Global demand for meat-free alternatives continues to grow and the sector is estimated to reach a worldwide value of $27 billion by 2027, Quron noted. To support the expansion of its meat-free business, Quron noted that it was important to create new routes and channels to market to make it more convenient for customers to choose meat-free products.

“Ensuring there are delicious meat-free food choices for consumers, wherever and whenever they make food decisions, is key to our mission of providing healthy food for people and planet,” Harrison said. This is a good development for our expansion plans. KFC is a global leader in QSR, with tens of thousands of restaurants worldwide who can offer millions of customers a delicious meat-free alternative to their favourite KFC meals.”

Harrison will be joining the upcoming FoodNavigator event, Protein Vision, Innovations in Alternative Meat and Dairy , when he will discuss Quorn’s expansion in under-developed channels for plant-based meat analogues such as QSR. To REGISTER FREELY, please click


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