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Ramanujacharya’s valuable tableau missing from Puri Emar mutt

Ramanujacharya’s valuable tableau missing from Puri Emar mutt

The Mangalagiri table that adorns Saint Ramanuja’s idol has gone missing from the Puri . The shocking discovery was made on Thursday, when the tableau that adorns the idol of saint Ramanuja was not found. While some claim that the tableau is made from gold, others deny this theory and say it’s made out of brass.

It is important to note that Ramanujacharya’s Parikrama was held in 2012. After that date, neither his Mangalagiri tableau nor the rare astadhatu made idol have left the Mutt. It is not yet clear if the tableau was taken by the Mutt Trust Board or the endowment department. However, devotees have begun to worry about the location of the tableaux, which are estimated to be worth many crores of Rupees. However, Narayan Ramanuja Das, chief of Emar Mutt Trust said that the tableau wasn’t handed to them and was made out of brass, not gold.

The entire country was shocked by the discovery of 522 tons of silver ingots, weighing more than 18 thousands and worth Rs 90 Crore from an ancient mutt on February 2011. In court, the case remains subjudice.

Similarly, 45 silver ingots weighing about 35 kg each were recovered from the mutt in the second phase of searches on April 10, 2021.

Several precious items such as a silver bouquet, flower, utensils, and ornaments, were also found in the mutt’s possession after it was taken into the custody of the Commissioner for Endowment.


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