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Sandra Weil Mexico City Fall 2022

Sandra Weil Mexico City Fall 2022

Sandra Weil is often inspired by nature. Fall 2022, was inspired by a strange tree called the Pseudobombax. It explodes and produces small, bright pink blooms when it flowers.

The Peruvian designer’s starting point was, according to her, the “from the seeds to flowers…from the earth to cosmos” journey. Her first collection of looks included raw materials like denim and unfinished edges, along with earthy tones as a nod towards the everyday world. Her prints followed. They were made in vivid colors of satin and taffeta to represent the great bang, which eventually leads to the earth’s blooming. The collection was characterized by brightness, which is evident in almost every look, as well as accessories made with Peruvian Alpaca.

Weil also showcased her party and bustier designs, but the real highlight was her exploration into tailoring. The basic blouse was enhanced with braided details, while the blazer’s deconstructed silhouette got a more interesting look thanks to pleats. And, of course, the trousers were cut at the waist in unique ways. This collection was Weil’s final expression of her self. It’s evident that She’s grown.


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