Home Lifestyle Receipes Tate & Lyle expands in chickpea protein with Nutriati acquisition: ‘Pulse proteins across the globe are seeing record growth’

Tate & Lyle expands in chickpea protein with Nutriati acquisition: ‘Pulse proteins across the globe are seeing record growth’

Tate & Lyle expands in chickpea protein with Nutriati acquisition: ‘Pulse proteins across the globe are seeing record growth’

Tate & Lyle acquired’substantially’ all assets of Nutriati, a US chickpea innovation for an undisclosed amount. Food tech firm based in Virginia has developed a patent-pending process for producing functional chickpea flours and proteins. It is marketed under the Artesa brand.

This deal will increase Tate & Lyle’s ability to compete in the growing market for chickpea protein-based products. “ We are pleased that many key members from the Nutriati group have joined Tate & Lyle. The addition of these key members will enhance the strength and capabilities of our existing formulation teams Susanna Paltucci, Tate & Lyle’s Global Head for Health & Wellness told FoodNavigator.

The acquisition is complementary to Tate & Lyle’s current ingredient portfolio, Palatucci stated. “Fortification and Mouthfeel solutions are two strategic platforms to drive the T&L business going forward. This partnership expands and complements our existing ingredients portfolio perfectly and allows us to offer an even wider range of solutions with these benefits.”

Unlocking pulse potential

While chickpea protein isn’t currently produced at scale by any of the major ingredient suppliers, there is growing interest and investment in the ingredient which, many believe, offers the potential to create better-tasting meat and dairy alternatives. According to Palatucci the global market for chickpea proteins is expected to grow. “Pulse proteins across the globe are seeing record growth driven by their important role in plant-based alternative formulation.”

Nutriati’s chickpea ingredient was launched in 2018 and – while it isn’t a complete protein, containing all essential amino acids – it achieves a digestibility score of 93% and a PDCAAS of 0. 82, is at the top of plant-proteins.

Artesa is white, odourless and neutral tasting, without the beany taste often associated with pulse-based protein ingredients, co-founder and CTO Michael Spenelli told FoodNavigator-USA in a recent interview . Nutriari uses an IP-protected method to produce uniform particles that offer benefits in solubility, binding and other areas. He claimed that we offer functionality you won’t find in other plant protein ,”.

Palatucci believes that Nutriati offers significant functional performance improvements that make it stand out among other plant-based protein products currently on the market. “The Artesa chickpea proteins has a neutral taste, which is better than other protein options like pea. It also offers great functional advantages, such as being more easily soluble than some other proteins. This makes it more useful in many key areas such as drinks and analogues to dairy products. The Artesa chickpea flour’s highly functional gelling capabilities make it an ideal choice for egg substitute solutions ,”, we were informed.

“Artesa chickpea ingredients have a unique set of functional properties and provide a very clean flavour and colour when compared to other alternatives. We are demonstrating our commitment to sustainably source ingredients by expanding our plant-based portfolio of customer offerings. In expanding our plant-based portfolio of customer offerings, we are demonstrating our commitment to sustainably source ingredients.”

Accelerated ambitions for future growth

Integrating the Nutriati business into Tate & Lyle will allow the chickpea supplier to go from strength to strength, leveraging the larger company’s sales, distribution and supply chain expertise. Palatucci said that this is in addition to a six-month old distribution agreement.

“The strength of these ingredients combined with Tate & Lyle’s portfolio and supply reliability is appreciated by customers, resulting in a strong pipeline built since the distribution agreement was put into place.

“We will be integrating Nutriati so we can leverage our teams to continue to develop the business and our focus will be on enhancing the solution set we can offer to customers in this space,” she suggested.

“Since establishing Nutriati, we have worked to solve taste, nutrition, functionality and sustainability challenges for the plant-based and gluten free markets. Tate & Lyle has a strong global presence and a focus on health & wellbeing. This makes them well-positioned to create this offering ,”, said Michael Todd, chief executive of Nutriati.

No factories have been acquired in the transaction, but Tate & Lyle stated it ‘looks forward to’ continuing its partnership with tolling companies who have ‘been there from the beginning’.


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