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The mother in me

The mother in me


Eye and heart.

My eye is my tool , my heart is my compass.

Visual pleasure is my addiction.

Through photography and film I come to terms with the world, the challenges of motherhood and myself growing up and growing older in it.

It’s a tool to take control of the narrative and also to bring fantasy back in.

To be playful to look closely….to have a point of view. You have something to share with the world. It’s a way to understand and find your place in the world. investigate. I’m a light hunter …. I love good lighting in my home. Every day feels a little magical.

My two boys rocked my world. They have my heart. My profession, as an artist, is something I love. It is not easy to combine these two elements. There have been many funny and emotional moments filled with love. But there were also many difficult ones that brought me to tears. Mamahood is rewarding, exhausting, and not for everyone.

Being a mama is a learning curve and the juggle with work can be intense, especially as a women and artist.

There are many days where you feel you are failing…..sometimes at work and at home.

Sometimes you feel a small success or joy, and you have a glimmer of hope of how it could be….how it’s meant to be. It would be better if society was more supportive of mamas. Families. We could look after one another.

And considered care as a commodity.

If empathy was our superpower….

There is no one story, one narrative, but many many different, very personal versions of motherhood.

So what would a world look like through mamas eyes?

I asked myself this question a year ago today.

And founded Eye Mama Project. This is a site I create for MAMA GALE . Submitted by mama photographers worldwide (IG @eyemamaproject).

We now have 27k submissions from 40 countries growing every day.

This project has connected me to mothers and helped me create a community as well as a portfolio of work. That’s what I am grateful for. Mama’s eye is important to me. Visibility is important to me.

We cant be what we cant see….so I try and curate a story that is usually overlooked or unseen. A peephole into homes. Lives behind closed doors, in private homes all over the world.

The fantasy of everyday life. Poetry in simple everyday things. Menacing beauty. Motherhood’s realities in all forms, good and bad.

I believe Beauty can be found not only in perfect things but more so in the imperfect !! The human is something that we can relate to, and connect with.

We need to empower mamas and families so we can be a more equal society.

Raising the next generation. Looking forward, I believe, we will have a better world.

Eye mama is now spotlighting mamas for peace: eye mamas from Ukraine, Russia and worldwide in opposition to war.


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