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Thieves Household Cleaner — Young Living

Thieves Household Cleaner — Young Living

A beautiful, clean home is inviting family and friends to gather. Others might be put off by a strong chemical smell from your home. With Thieves(r), you can create a safe and welcoming environment for your family with our fresh, inviting fragrance.

Blended with Young Living’s Thieves oil mix, it can give you a thorough clean. For an extra uplifting scent, Thieves cleaner contains Lemon essential oil. Thieves Household cleaner will make chores seem less daunting thanks to its sweet and spicy scent, as well as the powerful cleaning power. You can use this all-purpose cleaner on every surface of your house for spot cleaning, dusting and scrubbing. It can be used anywhere you want, and it is safe for pets as well.

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