Home Gaming This new range of Silent Hill statues looks like it’ll include a fan-favorite protagonist

This new range of Silent Hill statues looks like it’ll include a fan-favorite protagonist

This new range of Silent Hill statues looks like it’ll include a fan-favorite protagonist

A familiar shadow is projected on a grotty tiled wall

(Image credit: Numskull)

Numskull has revealed a brand new figurine collection that’s likely to be of interest to fans of Konami’s horror series, Silent Hill.

The first installment is a statue of the horror’s iconic Bubble Head nurse and unlike many other Silent Hill nurse collectibles, this one originates from Silent Hill 2 rather than the movie or other Silent Hill games that also feature nurse enemies.

“Straight from the highly acclaimed horror game Silent Hill 2 comes a high-quality statue of the iconic Bubble Head Nurse, a sinister female monster manifested from James Sunderland’s subconscious,” Numskull’s website explains.

“This Bubble Head Nurse statue stands at 9 inches tall and comes with all the finishing touches that fans would expect to see, including her dirtied nurse outfit, metal pipe weapon, thin liquid trapped mask and iconic stance. The exclusive collector’s item that Silent Hill fans will love is this statue of Bubble Head Nurse. “

There’s more, too. You can see a closer look at the statue in the Closer Look video. It will feature Silent Hill 3’s Heather. This is a great horror movie, but it has been horribly forgotten! – protagonists.

The Bubble Head Nurse statue is marked as “limited edition” although the website doesn’t indicate the quantities available, and it does seem as if most of the retailers linked from the website are still accepting pre-orders for the $100 figurine.

If Silent Hill isn’t quite your thing, did you see these new Kingdom Hearts 3 collectibles? As part of Square Enix’s recent celebration of all things Kingdom Hearts, the publisher and Disney revealed three new collectible Kingdom Hearts 3 action figures.

From Play Arts Kai, the figures of Sora, Riku, and Kairi come in two variations, one standard, and one deluxe. Sora and Riku’s standard versions will set you back $190/EUR165, whilst their deluxe versions – which come with more accessories and weapons – are on sale for $210/EUR180. Kairi on the other hand will cost EUR175 and $200 for her standard and deluxe versions respectively.

All figure variations appear to come with a handy display stand, too, and are already available to pre-order right now, so head on over to the Square Enix store serving your country if you’d like to know more or reserve one right away.

Someone has bought the Silent Hill website, and it isn’t Konami…

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