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Thom Browne Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear

Thom Browne Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear

Thom Browne shared a succinct, consistent narrative at his fall 2022 runway presentation. He said that the show was about New York’s status as an “island of misfit toys”, and how people visit the city to “find themselves and create themselves.” While the 24 first looks were more realistic versions of Browne’s tailoring, the 24 second look was more conceptual, and contained larger, more eccentric outfits that express individuality, authenticity, and self-expression. The Ted Talk was delivered by Rocky Harwell, a model who dressed up as Thom Browne Teddy Bear to a crowd of little Thom Browne suits. It was framed by the human guests.

Watch a live video and you will see that we are all strangeos, who can be presented as acceptable norms and let our creativity flourish beneath the surface. It’s good to bring your authentic self and be accepted for who you are. Browne stated before the show that it was so wonderful to find and keep true to your authentic self. It’s easy to see how the idea appealed: Browne has repeatedly proven over the course of nearly -20 years that his concise, extreme vision is something worth caring about. Many people balked at the idea of something this bizarre and unusual happening in New York on Friday nights, even as they began to arrive. This is where I have to say, “Maybe you should go out more.” Ironically, for all of his particularity, he out-earns the vast majority brands in America that host runway shows. He earned $263 millions in 2021. revenue. It is a sign that authenticity pays.

Browne is always true to his gray wool suit. He has made his New York-iest version of the gray wool suit for fall. This includes boxy jackets with repp stripes piping and straight-leg cuffed trousers. The skirts are voluminously pleated. These are a far cry from the tiny corsets or teensy suits that guests wore at the front row. They’re also some of the most liberating shapes he has ever created. It was cute because it featured clashing colors from school, a skirt with pleats and socks that were mismatched.


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