Home Gaming Watch this Elden Ring modder summon 25 naked mimics and wreck the final boss

Watch this Elden Ring modder summon 25 naked mimics and wreck the final boss

Watch this Elden Ring modder summon 25 naked mimics and wreck the final boss

Even Elden Ring’s toughest bosses are no match for the wrath of 25 Mimic Tear summons, as prolific modder Games from Mars proved in a recent video.

For the uninitiated, Elden Ring’s Mimic Tear summon allows you to spawn an identical twin of your character to help you fight off enemies. Even though it was slapped with a nerf that reduced the mimic’s damage output and dumbed down its behavior, it remains a solid way to gain an edge on a boss you’re struggling with.

But as PC Gamer first spotted, Games from Mars uses a mod to summon 25 mimics instead of the one the game normally allows, and well, not even Malenia is a match for the bare naked bandits. In the first video, the modder’s summons are equipped with only fisticuffs and then later, the Wretch’s starting club. The summons abilities in “Zerg Rush 2” are greatly enhanced to allow for spells. The Mimic Tear team can eat through any boss in the game like a Cuisinart. They can obliterate bosses quicker and more impressively thanks to their magic.

It’s definitely worth noting that, in case you’re thinking of trying this out for yourself, the modder says they had to “sacrifice” their PC for this little stunt, and you can tell every component in that poor machine was sweating the entire time. Elden Ring tips. Elden Ring classes.

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